Sep. 19th, 2011

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Some of you already know that my grandpa is in the hospital. I went to NY to stay with my parents this weekend and see a concert in NYC and when I arrived I found out that grandpa had been admitted to a hospital earlier that day with MRSA which may have infected the bone. Not the welcome I was expecting. I still went to the concert which was awesome (I'll write more about it later) but the weekend became a flurry of calls to and from Florida. First he was going to get out on Saturday night with a pic line installed to get IV antibiotics at home. Then they couldn't make that work so they were going to do a line directly to his chest and let him out tonight. Well today we learned that being on blood thinners causes problems with invasive procedures so they are taking him off blood thinners and trying again tomorrow. Meanwhile they have also found what may be cancer on his arm. I still have high hopes that he will recover and be back and home where he will eventually die peacefully in his sleep as a man like him deserves but this _could_ go the wrong way. Tonight I want to get down some thoughts about my grandfather and tell you all about him when he's still alive. This will also serve as notes for when the time comes to give a eulogy because I'm sure when that time comes, I won't be able to think straight to write anything.

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