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A few years ago I bought an album. It instantly went into heavy rotation in my car and in my house. Sometimes I'd listen to it back to back to back all day. Then, somehow, I lost the CD.

Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it again off itunes. Once again I found myself listening to it over and over. I haven't really put anything else on since the download finished.

The album in question is "Winter Pays for Summer" - the second solo album by Glen Phillips, better known as the frontman of Toad The Wet Sprocket. Toad was one of my favorite bands in high school and college. I saw them live just in time; the band split a few months after that concert (though rumour has it they are touring again but not releasing new music, they just tour with their old stuff). Glen has put out 4 solo recordings. I have three of them and am trying to locate the fourth. Even if I find it, I doubt it will usurp "Winter... " as my favorite. Its one of a handful of recordings that invariably instigates a good mood. Much like SJ Tucker's "Mischief" and Patrick Wolf's "The Bachelor" it seems to restore my sense of faith in humanity. Here for your perusal are a couple of videos. The first is my favorite song off the album: "Cleareyed" - this is the album version with a montage video because I could not find a decent live performance

And now a live performance of "Thankful" - no embedding allowed so click the link

For those who care, the man's geek cred is undeniable; he wrote an EP about space travel which, if I am not mistaken, suggests sex in a space elevator.


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